Scorpion System Protection™ for Windows Computers

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  Locked Computer

Protect your PC with
Scorpion System Protection

Block the holes that Anti-virus considers
'Normal Conditions'!

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Computer Technical Engineer
Created by top senior-level Systems Engineers with over 25 years experience in high-availability and high-security Fortune 500 network environments.

Eliminate PC Threats
Based on the FDCC and USGCB guideline recommendations which Automatically Eliminates over 80% of known PC threats.

Secured Laptop
Designed for Business, Schools, and Personal use
on both workstation PCs and mobile computing. Scorpion System Protection is always protecting. 

Increase Internet Speed
We've also added a few bonus settings that make surfing and downloading faster. Get more from your Internet while staying safe.


For All Windows Versions...

MS Windows XP MS Windows Vista MS Windows7 MS Windows 8/8.1
                               MS Windows 10 Coming Soon              ScorpionSP Is Always Protecting
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Scorpion System Protection is based on the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).
The FDCC and the USGCB are a collection of Federally Mandated settings for Windows computers.


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Scorpion System Protection
Built by Top Systems Engineers for Everyone Else

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Not affiliated with any government entity. We are a private company of Fortune 500 senior techs.
    Based on settings from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and over 25 years of senior enterprise experience.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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