Scorpion System Protection™ for Windows Computers

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Protect your PC
Scorpion System Protection

Block the holes that Anti-virus considers
'Normal Conditions'!

ScorpionSP is Always Protecting

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Available in 3-PC Single Licenses or Site Administrator Packs!

Works on both 32 and 64-bit versions


MS Windows 10 Coming Soon

The Windows 10 edition is still being ratified.

Expected release date is July 1, 2015.


Scorpion For Windows 8/8.1

The latest standard in PC security means almost 300 configuration changes with a one-click, self-guided and seamless installation.


Built just for Windows by Windows experts.


Based on the newly named US Government Computer Baseline (USGCB) v2.0.

MS Windows 7

Scorpion For Windows 7

The Windows 7 edition is the best protection you can get.
Get Scorpion and Get Protected.


Scorpion System Protection uses federally mandated guidelines derived from the FDCC NIST #80068 R2 and the USGCB 2.0.


We've also added some speed tweaks and just a few of our own tried and tested Windows operating system registry enhancements.

MS Windows Vista

Scorpion For Vista


Although Windows Vista introduced User Access Control, it isn't nearly enough to achieve FDCC compliance.

There are approximately 282 changes made to the security and speed of Windows Vista in Scorpion.

We're serious about your security.

MS Windows XP

Scorpion For XP



We know Windows XP is still being used. And why not?
It's still a great operating system!

We're keeping it alive and protected with
291 configuration security and speed settings changes.

Based on FDCC settings requirements
with added speed and less annoyances.



Scorpion System Protection
No Pop-ups, No Ads, and You Do Not Require a Subscription.

It Never Expires, and once you install it, You Just Let It Work!

Baby Brutus

Scorpion is a Silent Intrusion Killer
With a Speed Advantage

Silently Waiting to Strike Incoming Attacks
and Always Protecting.

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Not affiliated with any government entity. We are a private company of Fortune 500 senior techs.
    Based on settings from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and over 25 years of senior enterprise experience.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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