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Information About the FDCC
Learn About The Federally Mandated Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)


Scorpion System Protection Is Based On The FDCC...

Eliminate PC Threats



Computer Administrator

The FDCC is a set of personal computer configuration settings buried within the Windows operating system.  If you know about the 'system registry' - you may be able to find some of them.

The settings contained within the FDCC and the USGCB are the agreed standards by which Microsoft Windows operating systems should be configured to achieve the maximum amount of personal data security protection available.

Implementation of the FDCC reduces known threats by over 80%.

The development entities and some of the mandated users appear on this page. These include the Center for Internet Security (CIS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Homeland Security, and Microsoft.



These are serious engineers with a serious mandate.

In fact, the US Federal Government made these settings mandatory on all Federal desktop and laptop computers effective February, 2008.

Every tech has their own favorite tweaks but rarely are they consistent.

Eliminate tech error and inconsistencies with Scorpion System Protection.

You can find out more about the FDCC and the USGCB
 from the
NIST website's FDCC page.

Center For Internet Security

Department of Homeland Security

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Center for Information Technology

National Vulnerability Database

SANS Institute

...But Scorpion System Protection Goes Even Further

United States Geological Survey


Increase Internet Speed

Scorpion System Protection has altered the FDCC standard - just a bit - and in all the right ways.

We've tweaked a few settings to make Scorpion a little more flexible while still ensuring a high level of security.

We've also added a few speed 'tweaks' to provide faster downloads and network communications, while actually reducing certain types of unnecessary network traffic.

Scorpion System Protection provides the most flexible and easiest way to install, incorporate, and deploy to take your PC and network security to a much higher level.

Protect your data assets, your time, and money, and prevent the aggravation, invasion of privacy, and possible theft associated with a system breach.

Scorpion System Protection. Always Protecting.

is your perfect due diligence for small- and medium-sized business, for school networks,
 - and for everyone else.


United States Air Force

National Aeronautical and Space Administration

United States Department of the Interior

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

The FDCC Fully Automated
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Over 250 Security &
System Optimizations
with One Install!

NIST Guide
For Securing XP

NIST Guide for Securing Windows
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The White House

United States White House FDCC Directive
Download Here

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Scorpion System Protection
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Scorpion:  The FDCC - Only Better
Based on the Best 'Best Practices' Consensus Configuration

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