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About Scorpion System Protection


The shared and connected nature of the computing landscape these days can be a scary place. Some of it brings images of the 'wild west' frontier land where the rules to follow are being written on the fly.

We can only do what we can do:
Be a little careful, and take a few necessary steps to help protect our own data.

Anti-virus programs help - but they are reactionary.
They only tell you what you may already be infected with - and they don't stop many hackers.


The Scorpion System Protection Version of the FDCC

Eliminate PC Threats

Scorpion changes settings deep in your computer that answer questions that hackers are asking.

When you go to a website, for instance, you don't usually need to provide information such as "What specific version of what operating system are you using?" or "What is the name and ID of the currently logged in user?". But those are useful questions to answer when starting an attack against your system.

Scorpion 'mutes' your computer when it is asked these types of questions  - and a lot more. We've also thrown in some very useful speed tweaks that will make a noticeable improvement in surfing, downloading, streaming videos, etc.

The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)

The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) is an agreed set of system changes, or configurations, that are Federally Mandated for every Windows computer within, or associated with, the United States federal government. 

The settings were agreed to by a consortium of high-level internet and computing companies and organizations. If you do business there, this set of security configurations are mandatory.

You can get more FDCC info by clicking the 'More Info' button...



More Info About The FDCC

(Scorpion System Protection for Microsoft Windows 7 now uses the new USGCB 2.1 settings standard.)

Scorpion System Protection
Speed Tweaks

Increase Internet Speed

We know Windows and we know networks.

Our experience has allowed us to also include a list of system network communication adjustments that really speed you through the Internet. We 'un-reserve' hidden bandwidth, we open up transmission 'window' sizes (just to name a few), and we increase the amount of secure active connections you can have at once so you can stream, download, chat, email, and surf - all at the same time.

We've tuned Windows for schools, small and medium businesses and anyone who wants be be safer - and more productive - online.

For System
s Administrators
We're Here To Make Your Job Easier - And Your Data More Secure



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We might get a bit technical here - so hang on...

Scorpion System Protection security features close holes in network communications. It changes certain settings in the Windows system registry - however, you may also also notice local group policy changes. Almost any setting can be reversed easily, with a bit of technical knowledge, and if you need support, we will be here to help.

Scorpion System Protection 'speed tweaks' are also based mostly of registry changes with a few additions. We adjust the TCP protocol stack for retries, retires, maxTCP connections, maxTCPWindow size, maxServerConnections, and a few other performance increasing settings that should get you at least an additional 20% general increase in speed.  (And our tests have actually shown this number to be low in most cases.)

We've also packaged Scorpion for easy deployment; MSI and EXE files are both included as well as Help. You can set it up on an intranet or an internal secure web page for user download, the files have a small enough footprint that you can email the installs, you can include them in new builds and PC imaging packages, or you can install them across you LAN using any of the major enterprise deployment packages. You can also reapply Scorpion anytime you make system changes.

Scorpion also eliminates tech error giving you greater compliance and conformity immediately. No more lists to follow - just install or deploy. There are no reminders or other pop-ups - your users will never know it's there silently protecting and it's a must for home or remote users who log in.

You can also have a look at our FAQs page for more information and you can contact us for enterprise volume licensing information.

We're also working on a computer security training program and certification track. Stay tuned for more info.


Scorpion System Protection
No Pop-ups, No Ads, You Do Not Require a Subscription
it Never Expires, and once you install it, You Can Forget About It!

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Fully Tested With All Windows Systems
Our Mandate is to Release Bulletproof, Easy To Use Software

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Not affiliated with any government entity. We are a private company of Fortune 500 senior techs.
    Based on settings from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and over 25 years of senior enterprise experience.
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