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Scorpion System Protection
Legal Notices and Privacy Policy


Scorpion System Protection License Agreement


Scorpion System Protection is licensed in one of two ways:

1.  A 'Personal License' is good for five (5) computers - so you can buy a copy and put it on all the systems in your home as many times as you want.

2.  An 'Admin License' is also good for an unlimited amount of users up to the licensed amount of 250 computers. Contact us for volume licensing.

A bunch of people studied endless, boring textbooks and listened to very technical lectures on sometimes extremely dry subjects.  They endured, and through hard work, patience and determination, they became engineers. After working in grey cubes for big name corporate giants with massive enterprise networks, they pooled their knowledge to go out to the world with the ambitious and altruistic task of bringing the same high-level technology practices back to you - and maybe your company or school. They spent countless hours researching, building, testing, packaging, and testing some more, to make the software simple for you to use, and to do its job well and they stand behind their work.

So please don't give away Scorpion products. Don't post them online, or share them through a P2P, or pirate them.

We would like to keep developing for you and everyone you know.

If you would like to distribute Scorpion products within your software builds, or as part of your application or suite, contact us at

Scorpion System Protection
Privacy Policy

We are not selling, or sharing, or in any other way distributing any information that you send to us - like your email address if you fill out our contact form. Any information you send to us, through our contact form, or through email, or by any other means will not be given or sold or rented to anyone or any company. Period. We're just not in that business and really don't want to be.

That said, from time to time, we may send you an email letting you know of security or product developments. What does that mean? It really means that we'll probably send you an email when the next Scorpion product comes out - but that's about it.

And thank you for buying Scorpion System Protection - or at least thinking about it. Data security is serious business and everyone should do their part.

Scorpion System Protection Warranty

We've tried to make Scorpion System Prtection bulletproof, and athough we rigorously test every release, we can't account for every other piece of software out there. We'll work with anyone who has any problem with our software to resolve the issue as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If you can let us know what is going on in as much detail as you can, we'll listen, try to diagnose the issue - and then send you a fix for it. We take pride on our products and we stand behind, beside, and out-front of them.

If, for some reason, we cannot fix the issue, we'll refund what you paid for the program within 60 days of purchase. The legal eagles told us we can't go out farther than that - but we're not worried. As we already stated; we tested Scorpion really well. We still do.


Scorpion System Protection
No Pop-ups, No Ads, You Do Not Require a Subscription
it Never Expires, and once you install it, You Can Forget About It!

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Scorpion Is Your Best PC Protection
We take your system security seriously - and so should you

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    Based on settings from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and over 25 years of senior enterprise experience.
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